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    Nomura Mentions Kingdom Hearts III in Recent Interview

    In the recent issue of Dengeki PlayStation, an interview with Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura is held where he talks the series up and even mentions Kingdom Hearts III.

    To quote: "Once all three currently announced Kingdom Hearts titles are complete, maybe Sora's turn will come."

    Nomura's talking about the portable Kingdom Hearts titles, saying once they're finished, Kingdom Hearts III may begin development.

    There's also talk in the issue of "Birth by Sleep being a prelude to Kingdom Hearts 3."

    Don't get us too excited, Nomura.

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    good stuff, hopefully nomura isn't just getting our hopes up. Kingdom Hearts became one of my favorite series after I played the first one. Shame they never release the final mix versions outside of japan. Some of those things would be really cool to have such as the roxas fight. Oh well, heres to hoping KH3 (or whatever it's gonna be called) is not just a lie.