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    Next-gen EyeToy game to be revealed in Sony presser today

    VG247 has learnt this morning that the "next generation" of EyeToy is to be shown in the Sony press conference at Games Convention today.

    We weren’t told what the game would be specifically, but we do know Sony considers the reveal to be a significant part of the conference, which takes place at the show at 5.00pm CET.

    Sony’s press conference is leaking a little this morning, with a Gamekyo story based on a sneak look at a run-through of the event yesterday revealing that a new version of SingStar it to feature heavily in the presentation.

    We’ll be bringing you the conference live. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    The Game is called EyePet. It's said to be a Tamagotchi-like game. So nothing really revolutionary as it seems.

    The press conference has ended, but the Games Convention hasn't. Maybe we'll see some Gameplay in a few days.