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This weekend the folks over at [Register or Login to view links] sent word that they have some new pics and details available on the upcoming [Register or Login to view links].

Check them out below, and the final feature list includes:

- Compatible with all PS3 consoles and models.
- Plug and play
- Support Rumble
- Built in Combo attack function on 5 Memory Buttons - Program up to 20 button combos to a single button to pull off devastating moves at will!
- Enables Rapid Fire / Turbo on Wired Xbox 360, Original Xbox and PS3 controllers when connected to your PS3 console.
- Supports PS3 Sixaxis games
- Supports 2 stick analog tilt functionality of the Xbox 360 controller on the PS3
- User controller Rapid Fire / Turbo firing rates (High Speed, Medium Speed, Off)
- Supports wired Xbox 360 controller, PS3 controller and Original Xbox controller on PS3 console.

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