A new week is upon us; PS3 boot-up video & more!!!
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    Thumbs Up A new week is upon us; PS3 boot-up video & more!!!

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    Update: It appears $ony has contacted PSM3Mag/YouTube and the PS3 Boot-Up ViDEO is not available there, however, it is still available from [Register or Login to view links] for those who'd like to check it out. In related PS3 news, according to [Register or Login to view links] the PS3 Dual Shock Controller is officially renamed now as follows:
    Six Axis. That's the official name for the PlayStation 3 controller.

    $ony announced today its first accessories for the PS3, and included in the announcement was the name for the new Dual Shock. With the controller no longer featuring rumble, most expected the new name to do away with the "Shock," and sure enough, the final name of "Six Axis" reflects the motion-sensing abilities of the device.

    Every PS3 will ship with one controller standard, but those who want multiplayer play will need to pick up an extra device. Each controller will have a Lithium Ion battery built in. You'll be able to connect to the PS3 via USB to charge the battery, with a single charge lasting 30 hours. It's unknown if $ony will be including a USB cable with the controller.
    [Register or Login to view links] also announced today of an upcoming PS3 remote control, a wireless controller, and a memory card reader. To quote from the article:
    The remote's official name is BD Remote Controller, apparently to indicate the device's convenience for Blu-Ray disk playback. Model number CECHZR1J, the remote control will cost 3,600 yen, but it won't be available until 12/7. The device will use Bluetooth to interact with the PS3.

    Finally, the memory card reader, which will help you maintain your PS2 save game collection. Officially called the Memory Card Adapter, it connects to the PS3 via USB and accepts memory cards for both the PS2 and PlayStation. Once you've connected the device, you'll be able to transfer your save games to the PS3 hard disk, so you'll presumably only have to use this once.
    In PSP news today, fatcamp has now shared a B-Boy (EUR) French 610MB PSP RipKit with us, and skirocket has shared a NBA 07 (USA) 418MB PSP RipKit as well. Enjoy!

    Today we have a new week, a new month, and a new season upon us- Fall! Everyone knows what that means... the PS3 is on the way, and so are some nice holidays too! Getting to this week's Site News, we have the following to report thus far:

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