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    I thouht it was a typo and should have read either 12tb, 1.2tb or maybe even 120gb! NOT 12GB! lol

    12gb is totally pointless, but then again it could be a hackers dream and be easily broken into - then if upgradable it might be a win for the scene!

    - Wouldn't be surprised if it was on-line only and the 12gb was just for temporarily downloaded files though!

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    maybe it has a better blu-ray drive that will tell games not to install? idk... like other comments, 12 gb is just so small. i mean, there are quite a few SEN games that are at least a gig.

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    stick bomb, another tool to explore

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    I agree, not much you can do with 12 GB memory! At a higher price, I think not ! Will pass on this one if that's the case.

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    I wouldnt be surprised if they removed the HDD totally. Were talking about Sony here.


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