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    New Kojima Metal Gear Solid Magazine Ad Hint Surfaces

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    With all the hype surround the NEXT Kojima Web site recently, a new "hint" from Kojima Productions surfaces in the form of a magazine ad.

    I'm sure people are hoping and anticipating the game to be MGS5. A video has been posted on youtube by a Japanese gamer who has his webcam pointed at an unusual Kojima Productions/Konami ad in the back of a Japanese magazine.

    The ad is very vague and unusual as you can see in the video linked, but watch what happens when the right [Register or Login to view links] is opened on Kojima's NEXT Web site.

    Note: The URL now gives a 404 error.

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    what the... doesn't that looks a bit edited?

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    those guys are really making it suspenseful..

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    Think outside the box.

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    I don't know, but at least to me it feels like Konami is diluting the Metal Gear series and making it into a Fifa-like series. What a shame, but, well, it's their brand not mine.

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    To continue this story, Japanese 7-11 has released a new picture.

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    I hope they release some info at the e3

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    Would love to see ZOE 3!

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    mgs5.. cool!!! again with snake

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    i really hope its Metal Gear Solid 5..

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