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    ModNation Racers: Official Soundtrack Available Now on PSN

    ModNation Racers Audio Producer Andrew Bracken has announced today that the official soundtrack of the PS3 and PSP title is now available on Sony's PlayStation Network.

    To quote: Getting the right music was tricky for ModNation Racers since it needed to not only feel like racing, but also to capture the creative spirit and unique visual style of the universe.

    Thankfully, United Front Games did a great job finding the right guys for the job.The end result is an upbeat mix of rock, hip-hop, and funk music composed by a handful of talented composers, including Peter Chapman, Marc Baril, and Melissa Reese, who are all featured on the soundtrack.

    We are now happy to announce the release of the ModNation Racers soundtrack on PSN for only $7.99. The 16-track soundtrack, featuring 15 songs from the game as well as a bonus track, can also be found on

    Here are a few of my favorite tracks:

    ModNation Theme

    This bonus track is the official anthem for ModNation Racers and everybody who worked on the game is required to sing it to themselves once a day.

    Here to Have Fun

    This track always elevates my mood... probably has something to do with the vocals saying something about partying all day.

    Put Your Headphones On

    This track invariably gets me nodding my head when the chorus kicks in. It's good driving music too, although I have to remind myself when I am in my car not to boost too much and that drifting is probably not a good idea.

    We hope you enjoy the soundtrack as much as we are and, of course, if you haven't already, pick up ModNation Racers out now on both PS3 and PSP!

    ModNation Racers: Official Soundtrack Available Now on PSN

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    Good idea in the placement of this Sony music sensation and hope for a sale..

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    Is someone really going to pay $7.99 for this?! Wow.