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[IMGW]http://media.1up.com/media?id=3328706[/IMGW]Much of the 'net -- 1UP included -- jumped the gun over Take-Two Interactive's reveal that Microsoft had handed $50 million over for the rights to exclusive episodic [Register or Login to view links] content for Xbox 360. Rather, the money is better understood as an advance, not unlike what an author, musician or software company would receive before the release of a product. The higher the sales expectations for the product, the higher the advance; the company expects they'll make back their investment.

The confusion comes from the term "deferred revenue," initially mentioned in the Take-Two [Register or Login to view links] during a Q&A session by Evan Wilson of Pacific Crest Securities, in regards to Microsoft's advance. Time for a little Econ 101.
"deferred revenue: Revenue that is considered a liability until it becomes relevant to the business at hand, such as a payment received for work that has not yet been performed" -- [Register or Login to view links]

Take-Two has not yet delivered the episodic content -- it's simply been promised. "[deferred revenue] doesn't get recorded as straight revenue because, if something goes wrong with the job, the money is at risk," reads [Register or Login to view links]. Consequently, if GTA IV were to unexpectedly bomb at retail and the episodic content subsequently sold terribly, as well, Take-Two would potentially have to "refund" Microsoft. This is not an uncommon practice within the videogames industry in the developer/publisher relationship.

Whether this is what ultimately swayed the publisher to keep the content on Xbox 360 exclusively, we don't know, but Take-Two hasn't exactly been floating in a sea of money [Register or Login to view links]. Speaking to [Register or Login to view links], Microsoft said it "does not comment on business arrangements with our partners," and Take-Two denied a further explanation to [Register or Login to view links]. For now, everyone's keeping their mouths shut.

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