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    Massive Madden NFL 08 Deals is one of (if not the) biggest games of the year, and nobody knows that better than retailers. Target, Best Buy, Gamestop, and everyone else -- they want you coming into their store to pick up this game, and they're giving incentives for consumers to do so. To help you make your decision wisely, we've rounded up some of the nicest deals that you can get from various stores when you go to pick up Madden.

    Starting at the top, Toys R'Us has a fantastic sale: pick up a copy of Madden and you get 50% off any other game of equal or lesser value. This special is available in stores or

    Best Buy has a coupon floating around that offers $10 off the purchase of a video game that costs $29.99 or more if you purchase it alongside Madden 08, which is the same deal you get for Best Buy also has an exclusive NFL 07/08 season schedule included in the Madden 08 strategy guide.

    CompUSA has thrown together two Madden bundles with the Xbox 360. You can grab a plus Madden plus a bonus second wireless controller for $409.98 or upgrade to an with all the other stuff for $449.99.

    If you pick up a copy of the game at Circuit City, you'll also snag a $25 coupon for, where you can then purchase all sorts of sports souvenirs, memorabilia, and clothing.

    Special thanks to the for pointing the way to some of these deals. Now shop wisely, and we'll see you on the gridiron.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    Madden is such an amazing game. I wish I had these offers when I bought my Madden game.