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    What goes around comes around sony!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pig098 View Post
    Sony started whole thing?? LOL. do you think LG sued sony because Sony sued Geo?? are you super cereal??
    Yes Sony started it, No they didn't do this solely because of Geo, yes it's cereal:

    Proof is in the pudding. People ask "Why did they wait so long?" and I think I know why. It wasn't until the system was hacked that LG themselves could look inside the system and see the software the bd drive used. That's why Sony was trying to get anything related to the hacks off of the net; not because of piracy but because anybody can look in the system imo.

    And the price of future games won't go up; they'll just tag them all with activation codes. If you bootlegged the game, you'll go to the ps store to purchase a license. Hell, they could put licenses for sale in gamestop in the used game section. That would be the smartest thing for them to do but Sony isn't using their collective brain. I haven't seen anybody complain about that method of piracy control yet.

    The whole "cheating only exists online because of cfw" crap is a flak shield. As long as a game has bugs and exploits, cheating will still happen; period. They can fool all of those new gamers like that but not me. Been online gaming with PS since the Network Adapter.
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    Thumbs Up i like it

    i like the sentiment of this, but me: i don't care what brand a product is. as long as i like the product they will get my money! BUT that being said that don't mean i won't do what i want with my property, even with they don't like it!!!

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    go LG! Life's Good!

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    Thank God somebody stopped hitler.. ah I mean $ony... That was close.. LOL.


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