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[IMGW]http://media.1up.com/media?id=3188080[/IMGW]UPDATE: As Patrick predicted, Sony requested that we remove the alleged Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (technically, SCEA still hasn't announced the title, even though the trademark and logo have surfaced this week and been connected to the Naughty Dog title) screenshots. The shots, as beautiful as they looked, were not official. If you look hard enough -- you'll still find these unapproved shots somewhere in the Internet's ether. -- [Register or Login to view links]

ORIGINAL STORY:Rob Adams, lead environmental artist on Naughty Dog's next game, is in trouble. The dude [Register or Login to view links] and simultaneously leaked the final name for the company's Indiana Jones-esque adventure game for PlayStation 3 -- [Register or Login to view links] -- and revealed the first completely, totally real-time screen screens from the game.


Of course, this all works to our benefit, though we wouldn't be surprised to see Sony pinging us in a few hours to tear all this down. In the meantime, enjoy. Thanks to [Register or Login to view links] for digging into Adams' site and finding the high resolution screens.

Thanks to [Register or Login to view links] for sharing the news with us!