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    Latest BioShock PS3 Trailer is Now Available

    The latest BioShock PS3 trailer is now available for your viewing pleasure.

    Courtesy of sculled155 via YouTube, it can be found below.

    The video's caption reads as follows:

    "The big Xbox 360 hit is indeed coming to the PS3. Nothing seems to be changed from what I know. Rate, comment, and enjoy!"


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    Bio Shock is an excellent game. I played the PC version and I loved it. Its full of new freaky weapons, and the graphics is fantastic, I think it uses the Unreal Engine 3. Play it at night and you'll have nightmares.

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    Very nice. I played it hours of hours on my PC. I can't wait until it hits our PS3 :-) Hope its better on the ps3 than on my pc.

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    I already loved the Xbox360 version of this game but the Ps3 version seems to be even better! I really look forward to it! Let's hope that it comes really soon and wipes the floor with the Xbox360 version as it is to be expected. Because the Ps3 is the more powerful console and it would be a shame to let this power go to waste!