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    Quote Originally Posted by GTluver View Post
    If anyone finds a link, let us know.
    The link was added here:

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    i think this game will have the same problem of blackops. Too much ppl with a small number of slot.

    Guerilla = 3arch = FAIL !!!

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    Its downloading!! this game takes 100% of the GPU, been waiting so long for this game!

    Downloading on firmware 3.55 also hah.

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    it's locking me out with parental control lock and i don't have one on

    it said my account is disabled for online play in killzone bacause of parental control !!

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    For anyone having problems connecting to online mode in this try a different region, i've been trying europe with no success and now i just tried usa and its working sweet, loads of europeans on their too. No sure how you can get the region options to come up again once you've selected once, try deleting game data or save maybe.


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