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    inFAMOUS for PS3 Powers Up Today, New 'Duality' Trailer Out!

    SCEA Marketing Manager Asad Qizilbash has announced that inFAMOUS for PS3 officially launches today in the US, as follows:

    In case you didn't have a chance to watch Terminator Salvation this weekend or catch Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals last night, check out the full 30-second commercial for inFAMOUS here:

    And, go behind the scenes with the team at Sucker Punch to get the nitty-gritty on developing inFAMOUS in these via GameTrailers.

    Also, here's a new trailer titled, "Duality", looking at how Cole must choose between fame or infamy:

    For now that's a wrap from us as it's time for your journey with Cole to begin.

    Finally, for those of you digging some of the tunes you've heard in the demo, the complete inFAMOUS soundtrack can be found on iTunes Enjoy!

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    i really want this in Aus..

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    It really is a lot of fun. I stayed up late playing it last night. Not perfect ( but the controls work well and there's plenty to do. Hasn't gotten "repetitive" yet.