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    inFamous Date, Demo, and Art Revealed for PlayStation 3

    Today SCEA Producer Greg Phillips announced the inFamous release date and demo info, as well as revealing the box art as follows:

    We know many of you have been wondering when urban hero Cole McGrath and his electrifying arsenal of superpowers is coming to a town near you.

    Well, we want to share with you today that inFamous will be launching worldwide this June, and here's (below) a first look at the front-of-box for the title.

    Another question many of you have been asking is: will there be a demo? And, the answer is yes.

    We'll have more details on when and how the demo will be available shortly. Stay tuned for a new trailer next week as well of loads of other inFamous goodies from the this month.

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    I must get this game!!!

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    The art work looks very nice..