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    InFamous 2 PS3 Hits the PlayStation: The Official Magazine Cover

    PlayStation: The Official Magazine Editor in Chief Gary Steinman has revealed today to fans that InFamous 2 for PS3 has hit the latest PlayStation: The Official Magazine cover.

    To quote: We just got back from the printers a big box of the Holiday issue of - and it might be my favorite one yet.

    For starters, there's our spectacular cover story: inFamous 2. We spent a full day with the fine folks at, seeing aspects of the game that no one outside of the studio has ever witnessed, and getting a chance to go hands-on with Cole MacGrath in new areas of the New Orleans-inspired setting.

    All the electrifying details are revealed inside our lavish 10-page feature, along with world-exclusive screens, juicy new tidbits about the story, and a guided tour of New Marais' first island.

    We've also scored a big scoop with the first hands-on with Mass Effect 2 on PS3, including details on how developer will ease us PlayStation gamers into their epic sci-fi RPG (since the original game wasn't released on PS3). Nifty stuff.

    And it wouldn't be a holiday issue if there wasn't a gift guide. Our whip-cracking managing editor rounded up 49 of the coolest games, gadgets, Blu-rays and more, then doled them out to the PTOM staff in order to prod us to finally hit our deadlines. Find out how you too can win allies and influence gamers with this totally unique gift guide.

    As if that weren't enough, we have our biggest reviews section ever, with most of the holiday hits covered; playtests of some of the biggest 2011 releases; and must-read interviews with everyone from Twisted Metal's David Jaffe to

    It's all in our Holiday issue, on stands November 23, and hitting subscribers as you read this.

    InFamous 2 PS3 Hits the PlayStation: The Official Magazine Cover

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    This is one of the most wanted games, which comes to PS3 ever. Really enjoyed the first title of the game.

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    Infamous is my first game I played in PS3 and I'm waiting for infamous 2.