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Thread: I got a PS3!

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    Yup... you just hook it up and go im playing Resistance online now its amazing no lag or anything xD

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    that's very cool...no more Xbox live for me...

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    Resistance works fine for me, updated to 1.10 and loaded up Madden 07 online. There were only like 30 people online at the time though. Didn't try Resistance Multi player though.

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    mouse keyboard

    can i use a mouse/keyboard for shooters on ps3?
    mouse keyboard smokes controller

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    yeah, i would like to know that as well...i would prefer mouse/keyboard for shooters...

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    How does madden compare to the madden for the 360 ?

    What kind of online functions does it have ... Example would be xbox live market place, xbox arcade. does it have anything that is comparable to them?

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    If you're using digital out or anything other than the original cables you have to switch it in the audio menu in the main system menu. Otherwise I have no idea why that would be happening. I'm assuming it's user error because I haven't heard of the problem before, but I guess you never know with a launch console.

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    Ok ... I dont actually have Madden sorry dude i'm sure i will eventually but right now all i got is Genji and Resistance.

    Also, anyone with a PS3 , do the Ps2 Component cables work with your Ps3 ? I cant seem to get mine to work any help would be great

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    I am graduating from College in a month! I live with my girlfriend, she has to leave for three months for her work and she told me she was getting me a PS3 for grad present and christams and this was after she couldnt find any!! talk about kicking me in the balls! wished there were more ps3s for sale! so i can get one!!!!When will we get more?????

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    They said they will be getting more soon.. Try ebay only $1,000 or so

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