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    How to Report Users / Cheaters on PSN - PlayStation Network

    Whenever new PS3 Hacks are discovered, cheaters take advantage of users on PlayStation Network and so here is how to report PSN abusers.

    There is both a US Complaint Form and an EU Grief Report Forum, simply fill them out and submit them depending on your region.

    Here is when to report users, to quote: You may report a user who is acting inappropriately or in breach of the PLAYSTATIONŽNetwork Terms of Service. If a user is not violating the Community Code of Conduct as set forth in the PLAYSTATIONŽNetwork Terms of Service, please do not register a complaint.

    False reporting may result in a restriction or suspension of your PLAYSTATIONŽNetwork account(s). SCEA will process all complaints. SCEA does not disclose to individual users the status or results of individual complaints.

    We want your experience of PlayStation to be easy and enjoyable at all times. But if you find someone is spoiling it for you, by cheating, harassing you, intimidating you or threatening you in one of our games with malicious or offensive behaviour, then we want to know about it.

    How to Report Users / Cheaters on PSN - PlayStation Network

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    you know what would be ever better?... to add a button that links to the same info so you can just click it.

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    Is it for newer games only? Maybe this can get some of those cheaters using glitches in Team Fortress 2.

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    I thought this had always been possible? I am sure, I complained over someone in Home like a year ago? But it's good that all people get to know about it, if someone missed it, as there are so many lamers about ruining it for everyone else!

    so everyone spread the word !

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    I agree with toxsik. It would be very convenient if some type of feature or a "Report Menu" was added to the xmb where you could access it right away.

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    Really, there should just be an extra option under 'Players Met' to say 'Report' with a field for text to be input to (or form).