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    GTA IV Special Edition arrives in stores!

    A major question which I had about the forthcoming release of Grand Theft Auto IV was "How will the Special Edition be packaged?".

    Today an employee of an Australian retail store has answered that question for me and the many others who were curious.

    The game, soundtrack CD, art book, keyring and bag will all be stuffed very tightly inside the lock box, which itself will then be inside an outer cardboard box which features different artwork to the standard edition of the game.

    Check out all of the images!

    GTA IV Special Edition arrives in stores!

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    cool i can't wait. it is released in U.S. on april 29. i kinda wished i got the special edition now.

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    wow so this lock box must be pretty big. Im really considering getting the SE..

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    I preordered the special edition from Gamestop about a 1 year ago...