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    GTA IV Lost & Damned PS3 DLC Release Date Revealed?

    Is August 20th the day for the Lost and Damned DLC?

    For months now, PlayStation 3 gamers have been asking when will the Lost & Damned DLC come to the PSN Store?

    PSW Magazine recently published an article in their magazine stating that Microsoft only had a 6 month exclusivity deal for 'The Lost and Damned' add-on for Grand Theft Auto IV.

    This potentially means that the add-on will be released on August 20th, 2009.

    So everyone get ready because it will come sooner rather than later!

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    I have a sinking feeling that the odds of it being August 20 are very slim. However I could be wrong. What I am thinking is that Sony will wait a few months after the deal is finished then release the DLC for the PS3. However it would be best for Sony to add a little bit more to it than what they have on the 360..because for all they know, most of us own a 360 along with the PS3..just to make up for the lack of good content on the 360 ironically.

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    If this is true its gonna be a big F-You to Microsoft from Rockstar.