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    GTA IV has SIXAXIS Controls; Mandatory HDD Install Confirmed

    According to 1UP editor Andrew Pfister, the PlayStation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV contains optional SIXAXIS controls for the bike, chopper and boat vehicles.

    With games like Lair, some of us have grown to dislike the SIXAXIS motion sensing controls, but it's still nice to have as an optional feature.

    Moving on, Pfister revealed that the PS3 version of the game does require a certain amount of data to be installed on the HDD. Interestingly, Pfister said the installation process takes around 5 minutes. That long to install 3340KB of data?

    Seems like you may actually need more free space on that HDD, but given the install time, GTA IV most likely won't take up as much space as other games like DMC 4.

    GTA IV has SIXAXIS Controls; Mandatory HDD Install Confirmed

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    I'd much rather prefer to install it on my HDD. Having a smoother transition in between load times is well worth it for DMC4. Lord knows why it'll take 5 mins for 3mb of material though.