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    GTA IV Delay Won't Affect Microsoft Contract

    As 1UP listens in on today's Take-Two conference call addressing the delay of into spring 2008, a little more light has been shed on the contact between Take-Two and Microsoft to deliver episodic Grand Theft Auto IV content after release. Unfortunately, confidentiality agreements between the two heavyweights means the Take-Two had to keep most people in the dark.

    Still, Take-Two Chairman Strauss Zelnick doesn't anticipate the delay affecting the contract. "We're not gonna send money back to Microsoft," he said. "That's not part of the deal."

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    nice. he actually says no sending money back. i wonder how ms will feel about that. i'm not saying they would ask, but i could see this pissing someone off at ms.

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    release date?

    Is there an official date for the 2008 release? anybody know