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    Gran Turismo sales breeze past 50 million

    Sony says that its Gran Turismo racing series has notched up 50 million sales across all PlayStation formats (except PSP though) in ten years and precisely four months.

    "Initially, Gran Turismo was an 'alternative' racing game, kind of an outsider in the genre," said series creator Kazunori Yamauchi.

    Kaz to his mates: "And we made it thinking that it would be okay as long as it reached out to the select few who would agree with us. So this figure, 50 million units, is simply astounding. If you go to a game store and look for a particular package, and pay for it at the cash register, though the time may be very brief, it still takes at least three minutes or so."

    Stay with him... "It's simply mind boggling and hard to believe that this has been repeated 50 million times all around the world in the last ten years. I would really like to thank all the fans who have supported the Gran Turismo series over the years, for all their passion and love of the game.

    We'd like to continue making every effort to create cutting edge, high quality games, so that we don't disappoint anyone's expectations."

    Gran Turismo sales breeze past 50 million

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    and bloody right too, that game is amazing !

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    The demonstration of GT5 (GT5 Prologue) is very good, and I think that is better than many games of races and simulation, once it is not surprising that a number of sales reaching as high. For me, simulator is the best ever so far, and I still not have the minimum doubts that the final coat records of sales.