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    Gran Turismo 5 PS3 Track Editor Confirmed by Polyphony Digital

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    Update: [Register or Login to view links] has now done a Q&A with Kazunori Yamauchi where he also hints at the forthcoming GT5 track editor.

    According to several sites this weekend, including E4G.info (linked above), Polyphony Digital has confirmed that a Track Editor will be included in the upcoming release of Gran Turismo 5 for Sony's PS3 console.

    To quote: With the recent rumors and videos that have been going around about Gran Turismo 5 having a track editor, we decided to contact the developers to find out if it was true or not. Now, we have a official answer.

    They were kind enough to give us a quick response and this is what a representative said:

    "Yes it will have a track editor. You will be able to rebuild a track from scratch or edit the tracks that are already put in Gran Turismo 5."

    Gran Turismo 5 PS3 Track Editor Confirmed by Polyphony Digital

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    Alright! Racing around Bathurst ([Register or Login to view links]) would be sweet, even if I do have to make the track myself.
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    sounds insane! bathurst would be good.. go the supercars

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    I don't think it would be a complete track editor or perhaps it is what it says: a track editor! you can edit the integrated tracks and stretch some curves or something like that.

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    hopefully we can build tracks using certain corners from our favourite tracks already made, make our own drift tracks. And why don't we have Bathurst in the game, I would of thought it was internationally famous enough. Anyway this will rock

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    i can't wait for this...and its about time they put this in. crazy jumps and corners would be wicked. I wonder if this game will come in special edition? like a new steering wheel or something?

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    considering the beautiful tracks in GT5 prologue, GT4 and Forza etc, I can't see how a track editor would allow us to make courses that look more interesting than test tracks and speedways. I'd love to be wrong and set about making a course around my home town though.

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    This will be a great feature i think.

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    It could be very amazing. Making good tracks will of course take lot of time and making one with a dulashock!! a mouse will be better.

    I hope we can share track on psn in order to have lots of new track.

    I don't think it wiil be too much powerful because Sony will not sell DLC after that.

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    I really hope that Polyphony and Sony allows users to upload their tracks in the LBP spirit of Create, Share, Play I bet we would see some really great tracks and it would extend gameplay making this the "ultmate driving simulator".

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