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    Stick Out Tongue Get 5 free blu-ray movies with purchase of PS3

    If you buy a PS3 between July 1 and Sept. 30 2007 then you can receive 5 free blu-ray movies. Just thought I would let everyone know.

    The link for the coupon is:

    I hope this gets put on the site news cuz its awesome with the recent $100 price cut.

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    Not really seeing how you only get to pick from a handful of titles, most of which suck. I think the Circuit City deal is the best right now. 1 free controller plus this coupon is a lot of nice goodies. I've attached the PDF version of this coupon, its easier to read and fill out.
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    Oh I hope this will be available to us Aussies! I could duff up a reciept from work and send my UPC barcode from my ps3 box.