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    Full Auto 2 Demo, Destruction Derby Hit PS3 Today

    [IMGW][/IMGW]PlayStation Network will receive two new additions today: a demo of the Sega PlayStation racer and PlayStation 1 classic Destruction Derby. For those needing a reminder:

    Check out a demo for Sega's Full Auto 2: Battlelines to experience the next generation of car combat on the PS3 system. Choose your vehicle and weapons, and then launch into battle. Obliterate the city to block your opponents, unlock hidden power-ups and discover invaluable new routes.

    In Destruction Derby ($5.99) for the PSP system, you're on amission to bash, smash and crash into the other guy until his auto (or yours) gives up the ghost. The array of tracks and race styles will keep you coming back for more.

    You can also expect new downloads for trailers of movies from Sony Pictures. As with previous PS1 releases on Playstation Store, Destruction Derby must be downloaded througha PlayStation 3 and is only playable on PSP. As of this writing, the new downloads aren't yet available, but expect them later today. If you like seeing cars get blown up... well, kid, it's your lucky day.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    Cool I have been wanting to play full auto 2 for a while and havent been able to find it for rent. Good stuff sony