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    Full Auto 2 Battlelines (USA) released & more!

    Once again, the GODs @ Paradox have dumped and released another PS3 iSO as follows: Full_Auto_2_Battlelines_USA_PS3-PARADOX (NFO File). Also, for those curious about the previous New Release from PARADOX NHL 2K7 !!!... we managed to ask Dr. Phil today if he has any advice on how to load PS3 DVDRs, and he simply replied with the following statement: "no swapping."

    In other words, and we're just speculating at this point, it appears the GODs may be using a custom loader/mod/etc to boot them... so we recommend those trying all sorts of crazy swap tricks hold off until more information is available from the GODs directly.

    In other news today, let us know they have the popular IN STOCK which includes a free USB dual head charger for both NDS and NDS Lite machines, and includes the protective cartridge case too- all for only $124.95!

    They also have the bundle ($45) and the bundle ($44), both of which include a free USB dual head charger cable for NDS and NDS Lite machines. Both of these units use MicroSD for storage, and let us know they made a deal with a company at CES, and are able to offer two MicroSD 1GB (2GB total) as a $60 add-on option! Typically other resellers are bundling a 1GB MicroSD for an additional $55, however, at your $60 gets you 2 x 1GB MicroSD cards.

    Finally, X-Box 360 fans can grab an for only $45- with more stock arriving daily!

    PSP Files: CWCheat Database And POP Database Editor v1.0 For PSP, MAC Address Changer For PSP, VSH FTPD Module v0.1 For 3.03 OE For PSP, and VSH Rebooter PRX Mason USB ISO Mount Mod v0.2 For PSP.
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