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    Final Fantasy is Coming to the Japanese PlayStation Store

    Today, June 24, 2009 the Japanese PlayStation Store will be updated with yet another Final Fantasy PSOne Classic.

    This time it's the original Final Fantasy, numero uno, weighing in at 60MB. When the game launches, it will go for 600 Yen.

    No word on if or when it'll come to the West, but probably a bit after considering Final Fantasy VII came and Final Fantasy Tactics is on the way.

    As always, more details to come as they are available!

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    sweet. i hope its the remade version on psx. i don't know if i could go back to nintendo graphics..

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    yeah i dont think i would be able to go back to those graphics either, but i hope they would release the psx versions of final fantasy 1-9 becasue i know i would buy them and im sure there would be many more that would do so also.