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[IMGW]http://media.1up.com/media?id=3359823[/IMGW]Love or hate the game-publishing behemoth that is Electronic Arts, there's no denying the all-around cool focused within EA Chicago Vice President Kudo Tsunoda. Imagine our shock upon discovering that the guy behind next-gen titles such like [Register or Login to view links] and [Register or Login to view links] is working on a game based on comics.

Electronic Arts announced today that their EA Chicago branch is developing a brand new fighting game (as of yet untitled). They have acquired a license to use Marvel Comics characters in the game. So far Tsunoda and team are promising a large roster of Marvel heroes and villains with huge environments to toss them around in. The game will be discussed in greater detail later today at the Marvel Video Games panel at Comic-Con International, with an official unveiling scheduled for the August 31st episode of SpikeTV's Game Head.

EA's last attempt at mixing Marvel heroes into the fighting genres was the suitably imperfect [Register or Login to view links]. Here's to hoping that this time they get it right (and don't try and invent some awful new characters in the process).

Thanks to [Register or Login to view links] for sharing the news with us!