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    Europe becomes biggest Sony territory

    Move over America. Get out of the way Japan. Europe is now a bigger consumer of Sony electronics and video games than both of you.

    While sales and operating income for the Japanese electronics giant has fallen in both the US and Sony's homeland of Japan, these losses were offset by significant growth in Europe. Total sales and operating income rose to 2.33 trillion yen in Europe, which represents a 14% growth overall.

    These numbers include both the gaming and electronics divisions (PlayStation-only numbers were unavailable).

    Sony's brand image continues to be incredibly strong in Europe, and the current success of the PS3 across the Atlantic shows that this isn't going to change any time soon.

    Europe becomes biggest Sony territory

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    I hope that we'll now also get all titles.

    Not even america got every game that was available in japan on the PS2. But europe didn't even get all of the america titles.

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    that should be reason enough to lower the prices for us europeans... we're always being ripped off with electronics...