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    E3 2009 Rumor: Secret PS3 Game May Be Revealed Tomorrow

    BBC's Darren Waters, who works for the technology section of the bbc, said on his blog that he believes a game he was shown last year behind closed doors will be show this year.

    To quote: "I'm also led to believe that a game I was shown more than a year ago now, and got me quite excited, might, just might, be unveiled at this E3," he wrote on his blog.

    "And I've also been told that the game has changed enormously since I first saw it..." Sony may now have many tricks up it's sleeve.

    Tomorrow is now far too long to wait.

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    Duke Nukem Forever

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    Lightbulb 4-d gaming?

    Maybe its the 1st 4-d gaming type of game? the games that are in 3-d... who knows...