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    Def Jam: Icon Demo Hits Xbox Live

    Yo yo, hop thugstaz...peep this: The demo is officially out on Xbox Live.

    Major Nelson's up on his blog right now.

    Def Jam: Icon -- the successor to and, is brought to you by the same crew responsible for the superlative It's stylish stuff, with plenty of bizarre and experimental gameplay ideas wrapped around a tasty fighting-game center. Expect to see deforming environments that squish and bounce along to the phatt bass, a combat system that's actually influenced by the music (or how much bling your character's wearing) -- not to mention more than 30 hop stars lending their voices and various talents to the endeavor.

    The download, which clocks in at about 390MB, is available now to anybody with an Xbox Live Gold membership, and it's totally free. Go git it, son.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    i hope 4 ps3 any one know?