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    Debian Live Linux Now For The PS3!

    Debian Live Linux Now For The PS3!

    I don't think this has been posted yet so here's a heads up for those who are interested.

    Read more at the official site:

    Download the ISO here:

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    I added this to the Site News now- Thanks CrossStix!

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    what are the advantages of installing debian over yellow dog?

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    Is there a tutorial on how to install this somewhere? i tried burning it to disc and popping it in but i dont get nothing!? ok well thanks

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    So can Linux be run without installing to HD of PS3?

    Can it be booted from a memory stick, usb drive, etc and how do I go about doing that. Using a live CD on a PC, you typically just boot off of it and it runs, so I am a bit confused by the process on a PS3. Please shed some light on this. Thanks.