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[Register or Login to view links], the downloadable demo for 2K Games' [Register or Login to view links] first-person shooter [Register or Login to view links] would follow its late June retail release by at least a couple of weeks. And sure enough, here it is.

[Register or Login to view links] reports that the Xbox 360 demo is single-player only, but with three playable stages, it should give players a well-rounded taste of what to expect from the complete game. As with yesterday's [Register or Login to view links], this one also weighs in at nearly 1.3GB, so consider grabbing lunch or running errands as it creeps into your hard drive.

North American PlayStation 3 owners will have to sit this one out for the time being, but lucky European players can hop onto the PlayStation Network and grab their own three-level, 1.44GB single-player demo. We'll be sure to update if SCEA follows suit with an American version.

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