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    Confirmed: Get LittleBigPlanet As Early As Today!

    If you are so anxious to play LittleBigPlanet but you did not had a chance to get the early copy, you might want to check your local Gamestop starting today as one of my managers have told me that they will start selling it!

    Yep, you do not have to wait until Monday to get it! :)

    Just to make sure your local Gamestop has the game, call in first before driving there!

    I already confirmed this to all Gamestop in Las Vegas, Nevada. Have Fun! More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Yeah, I found it at Game Crazy in Las Vegas.

    Durango & Sahara. They had 20 or so.

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    I also got it this morning (saturday) from EBGames in Montreal, Canada.

    It ran just fine, but now it just started updating to 1.02, which means that the disc I received from EBGames was the old version.. this means that Sony just reverted their decision, decided to just tell the stores to sell the game as is afterall... can anyone confirm this ?