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PlayStation Network downloadable title [Register or Login to view links] is apparently headed to the PSP, if a mention in UK magazine PSP - The Official Guidebook is to be believed. [Register or Login to view links] is reporting that the magazine listed the title as a transferable download from the PlayStation 3 to the PSP, much like the PSone downloads already available on the PlayStation Network.

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1UP has not yet received a response to a request for confirmation on the Calling All Cars PSP news from Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Hopefully, those who have already purchased the title will only have to download a license update to transfer the game to a PSP Memory Stick. According to the magazine, Calling All Cars will support both Infrastructure and Ad Hoc play on the PSP, with a release date expected to be announced in the near future.

Might we suggest a PSP-playable update to [Register or Login to view links] as a follow-up?

Thanks to [Register or Login to view links] for sharing the news with us!