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    Call of Duty 4 PS3 Firmware problems resolved!

    As expected, Infinity Ward has confirmed that the problems of the PS3 version of Call of Duty 4 following the release of firmware v2.01 are now over and done with.

    They announced that gamers should no longer be receiving error messages or any other issues related to the firmware update in the game and they thanked for everyone letting them know so they could get the issued resolved efficiently.

    The actual fix is separate to a forthcoming patch for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions which promised optimisation of the multiplayer experience. However patch v1.2 for the PC is available to grab from

    Call of Duty 4 PS3 Firmware problems resolved!

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    COD4 just kill BR-drive of my PS3. play the game for 1 day and now my ps3 donīt read PS3 games but reads other dvdīs or music cdīs.

    when insert a ps3 game the load icon on screen dont stop, so cant play. Before play cod4 my ps3 was excelent and perfect. I have FW 2.01 and dont know what happened.

    Pls anyone with same problem? I neeedd help