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    Benchmark Proves PlayStation 3 is the Best Blu-ray Player

    A benchmark test on Blu-ray players has recently been conducted by, and findings based on the results indicate that overall the PlayStation 3 is the best Blu-ray player out there.

    It out performed all its competitors, and the fact that the PS3 doubles up as a game console makes it the best choice if you want a Blu-ray player.

    To quote: The results were a bit surprising, to tell the truth, since they proved that actually, Sony's PS3 was pretty much THE best Blu-ray player out there, out-performing each and every one of its competitors in just about all of the tests mentioned above.

    Add that to the extra functionality it provides and Sony's claims that the PS3 is all that one needs within one's home entertainment center don't seem that farfetched anymore, especially given the fact that the price tag of the PS3 is actually lower than those of many of its competitors from the test. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    nice it finally proves it

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    This is nice The sales man at the walmart actually said something different