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    PS3 Square Button Anyone been able to install anything on ps3 linux?

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    anyone that has ps3 with linux running, has anyone been able to install anything at all? Because i cant really install ANYTHING on it, i can only use what came installed (at least firefox came pre-installed lol).

    and yea im using the linux based files lol

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    What linux distro are you using? And I know this is a stupid question, but do you know how to use linux? lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eman View Post
    What linux distro are you using? And I know this is a stupid question, but do you know how to use linux? lol.
    It's more complicated than just using it. I just installed Ubuntu for the first time over the past week on my PC and just got it working and installed the way I like it. It's less of a "how do you use it" question but more of a "how do I do this certain thing" type thing...at least that's what I did. I searched for every problem I had or thing I had to do on a separate basis.

    Also the fact that Ubuntu pretty much does everything for you helps as well. I'd say wait until Yellow Dog Linux comes out so everything can be happy and installed automatically. I'm doing that myself.

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    Uh...okay. You still need a general knowledge of how to use linux in order to understand what you're trying to use. Granted each distro has it's own ways of doing things (like package management and ect.) so I can see what you mean.

    Also I don't see any reason why you couldn't install anything unless you're not connected online or something.

    Can't wait 'till Ubuntu is available on the PS3 (it should already work actually).

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    Maybe this can help

    Maybe this can help

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    hmm, can someone help me, i went to the store and bought a usb keyboard, when i plug it in i can use it in the GameOS, but now i tried to install YellowDog and when it gets to the installer, the keyboard is disabled. it wont work at all, i try unplugging it, starting with it unplugged, starting with it plugged in, everything, has anyone else had this problem, is it becuase it may be a cheap quality USB keyboard? the thing that gets me is that it works with the GameOS... someone pleasssse help

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    fluxbuntu is currently working on an "ubuntu" image for the PS3. It should be out soon. They are need some PS3 testers.

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    Spunks. I used a cheap usb keyboard and it works just fine. Dont think this matters but I have the keyboard on usb port 2 and the mouse on usb port 3.

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    HMMM, IM GUNNA TRY A DIFFERENT 1, should i do a full format, or a quick, i did a quick before, could that be it?

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