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    80GB PS3s Now On Store Shelves

    [IMGW][/IMGW]Way back during, Sony surprised gamers by revealing that their price-chopped 60GB PS3 would be replaced by a Sony announced today that this version of the PlayStation 3 is now available in stores, complete with a copy of

    In their official announcement, Sony once again boasts that sales of their next-gen system have jumped 113% since the original 60GB SKU price cut last month. As with Microsoft's, Sony also takes some time to brag about their fall/winter line-up, which includes,, and

    One important note to make is that the new 80GB units will not include the PS2 emotion engine guts built inside that allow for near-perfect backwards compatibility for PS1/PS2 titles.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    Think I'll hold onto my 60GB for now... with the EE hardware.

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    Yep, Same for my 20GB. Have two of these since launch day. No chance in hell I'm gonna rid of these babies. Plus, the software solution that they're implementing doesn't exactly guarantee full compatibility, unlike the hardware side. Every game I've thrown at it has worked, Hopefully it will remain so in the software side.

    Look at 360, software emulation is used, and it seems like it takes them forever to update their xbox 1 compatibility list. Most xbox games I have don't even work on the 360.