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We're back in action after a two week "layoff," as Garnett perhaps inaccurately put it. And even though this traditionally the slowest part of the year for gaming news, we've still got a lot to catch up on. Shane finally unpacks his [Register or Login to view links] for some quality time with Gran Turismo HD and Motorstorm. After calling in aerial funk support, Luke gets past the Jamiroquai song in Elite Beat Agents, John's been playing himself some of that Crackdown, and Garnett tried to play Supreme Commander.

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Garnett and John get their listen and drink on, respectively.

Whatcha' Playing?

Four Minute Warning
  • Will Sony and Microsoft go with a more interactive control scheme?
  • Are games getting too dumbed-down?
  • Where do we see the industry in the far, far future?
  • If we weren't in the games industry, what would we be doing?
  • Is there any hope for the point-and-click adventure game?

    How does the PS3's release affect the PSP?


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Luke and Shane, together again.

NEXT WEEK: Hands-on playtime and an interview with the producers of [Register or Login to view links] for PC and 360.

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