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    Call of Duty 6 is already on track!

    The fifth chapter of the series Call of Duty, called World at War, is not even out yet and the sixth is already announced!

    This is via Robert "Bobby" Kotick, the boss of Activision, which released the information during a conference call, referring to an exit in 2009 and development back at Infinity Ward.

    We knew already that it would be held in the near future. Finally, this announcement is not surprising when one knows that CoD 4: Modern Warfare is their best-selling 2007 game.

    If the publisher maintains this pace of one title per year, Call of Duty 50 should be released in 2053, and will put us in the shoes of a soldier of the Roman Empire during ancient times. :p

    Call of Duty 6 is already on track!

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    omg they are crazy.

    i think they should wait to announce cod6 after cod5 is released!

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    wow, this is just insane, seriously. wait until a game is released before announcing the next in the series!!