JGE++ v0.2b SkyAnimator Demo For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-28-2006
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HuangYZ has released JGE++ v0.2b with SkyAnimator Demo. JGE++ (Jas Game Engine) is a 2D game engine designed for the graphic unit. It is a non-platform-relative engine for all kinds of 2D game design, and now supports both Windows and PSP. On Windows, it is built upon a game engine called HGE, while the PSP version requires PSPSDK to compile. The advantage of developing with JGE++ is that we can debug and test with Visual C++ under Windows, and then compile a PSP for release. In version 2.0b, HuangYZ has ported the runtime library of SkyAnimator into JGE++, to enhance its ability of 2D animation capability.