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Jazz JackRabbit v0.02 Alpha For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-13-2006 - Note: Download Button will appear below when video finishes!

Deniska has updated his release of Jazz Jackrabbit for the PSP. In this version, he has updated the Sound FX libraries with the samples from the original game, converted all the music to the proper s3m format and made all 9 episodes playable if you already own the full copy of the game’s PC counterpart. This is a PSP adoptation of Jazz JackRabbit 1 by Epic. This port is based on OpenJazz port by Alister Thomson. It is still in early stage but already playable full screen with music and sound FX.

NEW IN v0.02
- updated sound FX library with original Jazz samples.
- converted all music to correct s3m format
- all 9 episodes are playable now (you'll need the full game distribution + X-mass edition)
- source code & Makefile for PSP SDK provided

1.5 users:
Copy folders from 1.5 folder to ms:/PSP/GAME
Copy the contents of the included SHAREWARE directory or full version in to

1.0 users:
Use EBOOT.PBP from 1.0 folder& files from 1.5/jazz/ folder
Copy the contents of the included SHAREWARE directory or full version in to ms:/PSP/GAME/jazz

2.+ users:
Use 1.5 version. Make sure you put in the wav& s3m music files and the files from the original game ditribution.

NOTE: If you don't have the full version, you can save space on your ms by removing unnesessary s3m files: you only need ones with the same names as PSM files in the distribution. (for example: leave MENUSNG.S3M if you have MENUSNG.PSM). To save more space you can remove EXE & PSM files.

Sound FX support is still minimal: jump, shoot and get item events are linked to the wav files (jump.wav, shot.wav..)
If you have the original/better samples overwrite these files




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