PS3 and XBox 360 PPC Altivec Plugin v1.6 Update for IDA v5.6

Uploaded by PS3 News - 01-26-2010
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PPC Altivec plugin v1.6 for IDA v5.6

As more special PPC instructions are stumbled across, support for them gets added to the plugin. I know I could go through an exhaustive list of all instructions and add them all, but for now I am content with adding them a few at a time

Support added for the instructions: attn, lwsync, ptesync, tlbiel, tlbie, tlbi, slbie.

Also added support for the SystemSim “callthru” instruction (should this even be used outside of a simulator?) and lastly an instruction that I cannot find any information about. The hex value is 0×02002000 so for now I have added this instruction as opcode_02002000 so that it will at least disassemble to code and can therefore be treated as code. If anyone knows what this instruction is please let me know.