PS3 USBLD Loader v0.1 (Japanese)

Uploaded by PS3 News - 01-21-2009
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PS3 USBLD Loader v0.1 allows those with a 60GB Japanese PS3 to run PS2 iSO images from an external USB HDD.

According to the included ReadMe file, a PAL version is expected to be released soon. It is reported to work on the latest PS3 Firmware, but it requires Swap Magic to load the ELF file.

From the ReadMe file:

USBLD Versión 0.1

Siiiiii, por fin ha funcionado XD

Proximamente en tu PS3 PAL...


+ Tener una copia del archivo USBD.IRX de sony entre la versión 0.13 a 0.17 en mc0:BEDATA-SYSTEM, mc0:BADATA-SYSTEM o mc0:BIDATA-SYSTEM