FlashMod v3 Final For PSP

Uploaded by PS3News - 05-29-2007
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IchigoKurosaki released FlashMod v3 Final.. if there are still guys out there using firmware 1.50, then this app is for you. According to the author, this release fixes all the errors of the original Flashmod v3 and it also got rid of a bunch of useless features that aren’t important anymore or just never worked. (2.00+ UMD Support, PSIX Section).

Changes for this release:

-UMD 2.00+ Support Removed (Depreciated)
-PSIX Section Removed
-Fixed ALL menu bugs.
-UMD Loading
-Added Overclocking option.
-Corrupted Icon Remover through Firmware: Will make Corrupted Data Icon and text to disappear (Space will still exist)
-Graphical User-Interface

UMD Overclocking Feature: Added 266/133