RemoteJoy And GUI v1.51 PSP Video PRX Mod For PSP

Uploaded by PS3News - 05-19-2007
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By Schrade (DeMoN X), this is a GUI for TyRaNiD’s Remotejoy SDL which lets PSP owners use their PC to display what’s on their PSP’s screen. A perfect little app for PSP owners who have problems with their unit’s screen.

v1.51 Changelog:

- Added killall batch to MyBase.Load
- Accurate process checking of USBHost FS
- Added mode menu, Not completed.

You need to have .NET Framework 2.0 installed on your computer before you can use this GUI. The Remotejoy GUI has been tested on Dark AleX’s Custom Firmware 3.40 OE only. It may work for older versions but they have yet to be tested.