Tekken: Dark Resurrection (USA) 536MB PSP RipKit

Uploaded by PS3News - 08-31-2006
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Tekken: Dark Resurrection (US) Ripkit (536MB)
By Psychospacefish

Media: 536MB free on a MS Duo.
Ripped: Music and Movies

1. Place all files from ripkit into the same folder as the game ISO
2. Check the ISO is 1,750,237,184 bytes in size.
3. Rename ISO to "Tekken.iso"
4. Run rip.bat

IMPORTANT NOTE: As soon as you start the game, go into the options menu and turn the BGM volume to "OFF".
For some reason the dummy sound file produces strange audio artifacts.

536mb .iso
527mb .cso

Tested and working.

Thanks to: Everyone at PS2Modz. Made with the help of Aenea and Neness