PSP Device Hook Sample Launcher v0.46 FULL

Uploaded by PS3News - 08-10-2006
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By BOOSTER, this v0.46 FULL pack simply includes the required 2.71 FW files.


- There is no 2.8 FW support yet.
- DevHook can now install to flash0 (dangerous, like all PSP
- If you install DevHook via flash, use "Remove Devhook Files"
option to uninstall it.
- some games faster via flashing 0.46, ie F1 2006 (EUR) but
GTA still lags.
- if you autoboot or use the Web it does not run from the MS,
it runs from flash making things faster using less overhead.
- 333 MHz reported as fixed for some, not offically confirmed.
- be sure to read PSP_FlashROM_ENG.txt if you plan to flash it!